Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Apple start coordinate with China Censorship at app store.

I am a China developer, we have a book store app on app store, today I get mail from apple tell me "it includes content that is illegal in China".

Apple did not point out which contents is illegal in China, but we think maybe is the three book from China writer Wang lixiong (the three books at bottom).

Some friends tell me this is not first case, but I still think this maybe because Apple use CDN bring their content to China, so some Censorship, coordinate is part of deal.

(still can be download in other country, but China.)

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Satoshi Kusunoki said...

Is your name 郝培強? I read about you in the Nikkei newspaper, an influential paper in Japan. Do you want to read it? (However, it's in Japanese. Also, Japanese standard set of characters doesn't have the character, 郝.)

Hao Peiqiang said...

Yes, my name is 郝培强. I want see it, but I can not read it.